Jeg skal savne deg i morgen

Jeg skal savne deg i morgen I Will Miss You Tomorrow

Thorkild Aske #1

The stormy season is fast approaching when former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske is released from prison. Having served a three-year sentence for manslaughter, Thorkild is a pariah among his colleagues: a cop gone bad, like the men and women he himself used to interrogate while still at the Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs. Wracked by guilt and relentless physical pain, Thorkild lets himself be persuaded to travel to a small town in the remote North in order to find a missing young man, Rasmus Moritzen. Supposedly gone missing while diving, Rasmus’ disappearance has been written off as a drowning accident by the local authorities. However the boy’s mother won’t rest till his body has been returned to her. And so it becomes Thorkild’s job to find the young man, and wrest him back from the sea. But the windswept island and abandoned lighthouse he finds himself searching are hiding more secrets than just the location of Rasmus’ remains. And as the winter storm whips the waves into a frenzy, the body that is washed ashore isn’t that of Rasmus, but a faceless young woman.

I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Heine Bakkeid’s first venture into crime fiction and the first book about former interrogation leader Thorkild Aske. Bakkeid’s ability to couple the visually powerful elements found in Northern Norway’s natural landscape with a driven and nuanced plot has resulted in a haunting debut work.


  • “The writer’s description of the icy land and ocean are vivid, reflecting Thorkild’s frozen heart. /…/ A splendid Nordic noir thriller that entertains to the last page.”


    Sunday Times, UK

  • I Will Miss You Tomorrow makes superb use of the unreliable narrator. /…/ An interesting mix of fantasy and gritty dark crime drama, this book is an unexpected treat that seeks to humanize the detective genre, and the stone-hearted people who create the face of the genre. /…/ I can’t help but feel excited to see what happens next. If you like your whodunnits to have as much heart as they do grim reality, this book is for you. An easy read that transports you to the cold and storm north of the world, it’s a great adventure, and worth every second.”

    A Girl With a Book, South Africa

  • “Bakkeid masters the art of pictorial narrative, and the rough, maritime Norwegian landscape is the perfect backdrop.”

    Neue Rundschau, Germany

  • “A debut to be proud of.”

    FAZ, Germany

  • “One of the best crime stories of the recent years! /…/ The character Aske is fascinating. /…/ The tour de force lies in the writing, the construction of the story that serves to magnify everything. The style alternates between the dramatic, funny, ironic, cynical and passes seamlessly from Thorkild’s hallucinations to scenes of suspense or action. /…/ This first installment in a very successful series makes me impatiently await its sequels! A breathtaking Norwegian thriller, on the edge of madness and habitable lands, with a very original protagonist in a thrilling plot – this novel has it all!”

    Quatre Sans Quatre, France

  • “Heine Bakkeid writes splendidly, alternating between tones and registers, taking turns between the dry, sensitive, factual, dreamlike, descriptive and fantastic. He also excels in the classic thriller scenes, such as when he places the ex-interrogator in the hot seat. /…/ The result is a paradoxically flamboyant gothic novel, bringing the mind to Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island. /…/ We already can’t wait to find out what happens to the celestial tramp Thorkild Aske, and with this chiaroscuro authorship.”

    Libération, France

  • “I would have difficulty choosing which genre in which to place this novel, since it breathes of classic detective stories, while the themes are much more noir, the plot resembles a thriller, and horror and the supernatural are also touched upon. A particularly unique book where one is always balancing between reality and illusion, between the real world and what the main character sees. /…/ A new genre in Nordic novels! A star has been born, I assure you! Congratulations to the publishing house Giunti that has acquired such a great talent in Italy!”

    Thriller Nord, Italy

  • A nerve-racking atmosphere characterizes [I Will Miss You Tomorrow], Heine Bakkeid’s highly immersive crime novel.

    Cinconoticias, Spain

  • “Bakkeid successfully combines excitement, horror, mystery and crime. The reader will be seamlessly immersed in the dark scenery and opaque atmosphere created by the author.”

    Helsingin Sanomat, Finland

  • “A thrilling story set in the harsh milieus of northern Norway.”

    Dagens Nyheter, Sweden

  • “This novel is a great success in my opinion, with a plot that is well written and meticulously thought through. /…/ Heine shines in this crime debut and I look forward to reading more from him in the future.”

    Titeln, Denmark

  • “[A] wonderfully creepy story. /…/ This is a spectacular debut.”

    The Daily Mail, UK

  • “The novel is exciting and pleasantly paced. Bakkeid has been praised as the new Nesbø, and there is indeed something Harry Hole-esque about Thorkild. I will be looking forward to Bakkeid’s next book and read it with joy.”

    God-bog, Denmark

  • “A truly great crime novel with hair-raising horror elements. I was thoroughly entertained, and am looking forward to the next book in the series.”

    Bogrummet, Denmark

  • “His coolheaded writing style, here producing a nail-bitingly thrilling present tense, along with his somber nature depictions, is pure art. /… / It’s the blend of classic crime plot, unexpected horror and wittily told scenes that makes the book extraordinary. Stephen King has got himself a Norwegian crime heir.”


    Ekstra Bladet, Denmark

  • “Whilst the novel flirts with gothic horror and supernatural elements, readers in search of a good and classically realistic crime story ought not be scared off by this, as it merely complements an accomplished and well-executed crime plotline. /…/ There is something rare and tender about the book. And I enjoyed my time spent in Thorild Aske’s company. /…/ I Will Miss You Tomorrow is filled with dry humor. /…/ It’s a book about loss, love, shame, guilt and greed. And it’s a great one.”

    Vildmedkrim, Denmark

  • “The remarkable atmosphere of potent loneliness stands out in Heine Bakkeid’s I Will Miss You Tomorrow, and adds something new and extremely readable to an otherwise familiar genre. /…/ A truly great crime novel that far exceeds expectations.”


    Femina, Denmark

  • “An extraordinary debut.”


    Søndag, Denmark

  • “A truly well-told story.”

    Krimisiden, Denmark

  • “Heine Bakkeid knows the setting like the back of his hand, he himself grew up in northern Norway and makes the reader feel at home up there, where the year is divided into sea of light and pitch-black night. /…/ Excellently well-crafted. /…/ The ironic tone is pretty damn original.”

    Weekendavisen, Denmark

  • “A thriller talent /…/ [Heine Bakkeid] has a well-developed sense for the gothic and grotesque. /…/ Bakkeid’s tone is harsh yet tender, and he showcases an impressive knowledge of the human body’s workings.”

    Aftenposten, Norway

  • “A near revitalization of the traditional psychological thriller, where sinister figures, paranoia, and terrifying events characterize the plot.”

    Verdens Gang, Norway

  • “It’s a real pleasure to be carried away by a novel that crackles with originality and clever plotting as this one does. /…/ I would happily recommend Bakkeid to dedicated fans of dark noirish crime fiction and, equally, to someone who wants to find out why Scandi-noir has such a big reputation. There’s an energy and inventiveness here that shows just how fresh, innovative and edgy the crime genre can be. All the more remarkable because this is a debut, I Will Miss You Tomorrow is accomplished and thoroughly gripping. /…/ Heine Bakkeid is a real find and this is a blistering start to a new series and I’m already looking forward to seeing more of Thorkild Aske. /…/ Powerful and exhilarating.”

    NB Magazine, UK

  • “Bakkeid’s strength lies in the depiction of stormy weather and the sea and waves. /…/ Here are colors and smells and sounds to make the hair of those of us still alive make literally stand on end.”

    Dagbladet, Norway

  • “A crime fiction debutant with a literary talent /…/ Bakkeid writes well and with nuance. /…/ Bakkeid knows his craft – he writes excellent dialogues and is already an expert when it comes to composing dark fictional universes filled with unsolved mysteries.”

    Bergens Tidende, Norway

  • I Will Miss You Tomorrow is Heine Bakkeid’s first crime novel, and an extremely successful debut at that. /…/ Bakkeid’s language is excellent for depicting both the dangers lurking in the depths of the ocean as well as in those of the human mind.”

    Hamar Arbeiderblad, Norway

  • “After 12 years’ work, Bakkeid has finally published his debut crime fiction novel. The hope is that it will turn into an international adventure. Which wouldn’t surprise me. The potential is most definitely there. /…/ I Will Miss You Tomorrow grabs me right from the first line. Thanks to a terrific, varied and at times playful prose, I am page by page immersed and propelled through a crime novel that keeps the suspense high throughout all 351 pages.”


    Harstad Tidende, Norway

  • “Masterfully striking scenes. /…/ The story takes off in joyfull action-packed abandon.”


    Stavanger Aftenblad, Norway

  • “Short chapters and an effective prose makes this a lucid read.

    Altaposten, Norway

  • “Besides being riveting, the novel is also incredibly witty. /…/ The dialogue between Aske and his former boss in particular sparkles.”


    BOK, Norway

  • “A gripping, atmospheric novel and a first outing for Aske. More are promised – I can't wait.”

    Saga Magazine, UK

  • “The Gothic elements in I Will Miss You Tomorrow are splendidly integrated into the crime plot, along with a strand of dark sardonic humour. It's a novel that is as much about loss and guilt as it is about the solving of a crime. At a stroke, Bakkeid has entered the upper echelons of Norwegian crime writing.”

    Barry Forshaw, Norwegian Arts, UK

  • “A chilling, atmospheric Nordic must-read. You know those books that come seemingly out of nowhere and knock you sideways with how very much you love them? That was Heine Bakkeid’s extraordinary crime fiction debut I Will Miss You Tomorrow for me. This Norwegian crime novel blends the atmosphere and grit of the Nordic Noir tradition with the spine-tingling chills found in the work of authors like Yrsa Sigurdardottir and C.J. Tudor. I Will Miss You Tomorrow is an outstanding crime novel about grief, loss, and the ghosts that haunt us. /…/ With immersive atmosphere and propulsive plotting, I Will Miss You Tomorrow wraps readers up in a chilling suspense novel worthy of every bit of praise it has earned. This promising series launch is a must-read for fans of melancholy, atmospheric Nordic suspense. /…/ It’s not every protagonist that I am desperate to revisit, but I am desperate to revisit Thorkild Aske. /…/ This is one of my new favorite books I have read so far this year, and I cannot wait to read the next installment in this series.”


    Crime by the Book, US

  • “This is a Nordic noir which just gives me more evidence as to why I love the genre. /…/ The stories unfolds in a beautiful and dark story that is a slow burn (think True Detective). I absolutely loved this book and can not wait for Heine Bakkeid to give us the next installment in the series.”


    Shelf of Crime, US

  • “Atmospheric and haunting. /…/ Heine Bakkeid has written a truly unique and atmospheric novel. /…/ You won’t work your way through all the layers of this complex novel until Bakkeid wants you to. /…/ [A] fantastic Nordic Noir that will keep you turning the pages. Our only recommendation is to read this book with the lights on, and keep a blanket handy, as this book will chill you to the core.”

    Better Reading, Australia

  • “The frozen north of Norway is beautifully described and the plot is interesting. The characters are deep and complex and it certainly made me want a follow-up.”

    CapeTalk Radio, South Africa

  • “The author devices a great plot, with supernatural elements that serve to maintain the suspense up until the epilogue. Do not read before going to sleep or when alone!”

    Bruxelles Culture, Belgium

  • “Captivating. Surprising. Those are the terms that best describe I Will Miss You Tomorrow. /…/ [Protagonist] Thorkild is presented to us with all his fragility and torment, making him an endearing and relatable character. /…/ Do not be fooled by appearances, the author turns out to be a master of thrillers who plays, to our delight, on the reader’s expectation. He leads us down several different tracks, up until the completely unexpected resolution. /…/ Heine Bakkeid’s talent shines through in this most unsettling debut detective story. /…/ I Will Miss You Tomorrow will captivate you. We followed its investigations with delight. /…/ Make yourself comfortable and embark on a breathtaking investigation.”

    Broadcastmodart, France

  • A tormented thriller, disorienting at will, with brilliantly surprising digressions.”

    Les Echos Weekend, France

  • “An eerie and gripping novel.”

    Le Mond des Livres, France

  • “Heine Bakkeid skillfully paints the setting […] and adorns his characters with surprising nuances. Through the perspective of Thorkild, the readers find themselves in a haze, surrounded by hostile elements. The intrigue is skillfully and excellently executed – leading up to its unexpected end. The French publisher got it right: Heine Bakkeid knows how to tell stories.”

    Sang Froid, France

  • “With a dose of humor, Heine Bakkeid subverts expectations and hold his readers spellbound with this captivating debut detective story, in the vein of the most successful Scandinavian thrillers.”

    Ouest France, France

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