Højsangen fra Palermovej

Højsangen fra Palermovej When Life Gives You Hippos

When Esther’s grandfather Hannibal purchases the house on Palermo Road on the Danish island of Amager in 1921, he envisions a home filled with opera, bohemians, and a love as intoxicating as the one outlined in the mighty Song of Salomon. But for his bride, the Russian contortionist Varinka, the age of miracles ended the moment she saw her first love disappear into the maws of a hippo. A hippo that, to add insult to injury, was supposed to have been an elephant, and the new star of her father’s circus.

Hannibal and Varinka’s daughter, the glamour-loving-and-possibly-psychic air stewardess Eva, finds a far more passionate love story when she falls for the Swedish pigeon-tamer Jan Gustav. Hannibal’s quest for love and artistry is then passed on to his grandchildren, the twins Esther and Olga, who both compete for the epithet of the young artist of the family. The twins’ older sister Filippa is meanwhile more preoccupied with becoming the first female cosmonaut, before illness claims her life.

When Life Gives You Hippos is a life-affirming and unforgettable novel about the pursuit of the Love of the Century. About enduring great loss and giving it another chance anyway. A saga told through the eyes of the timid painter Esther, When Life Gives You Hippos follows three generations living under the same roof, with touchdowns in the Parisian opera scene and the Circus Sowalskaja on the outskirts of St Petersburg.


  • Annette Bjergfeldt’s debut novel is an absolutely superb, wild, imaginative and well-written book about the pursuit of the greatest love. /…/ When Life Gives You Hippos is unruly, creative, hilarious, and at times utterly grotesque, while at the same time featuring everyday realism as well. /…/ Annette Bjergfeldt employs an incredibly graphic imagery, and has some rather genius observation on human life. It’s not a classical feel-good novel, but it’s been a long time since I last felt so good and laughed as much when I read a book. /…/ What a debut!

    Litteratursiden, Denmark

  • “With its gallery of characters, the very opposite of onedimensional actors, Annette Bjergfeldt has written a book that’s out of the ordinary, with an almost unbridled wealth of imagination.”


    Dagbladenes Bureau, Denmark

  • “[Annette Bjergfeldt] takes us on a wild ride through the generations. /…/ The way the language is used brings joy. /…/ Grandmother Varinka is an entirely unique character, to the extent that I’ve taken her motto to heart. Every time she hears someone tell of troubles and betrayals from others, it comes flying out of her mouth: Ignore the arsehole! /…/ Annette Bjergfeldt has some delightful expressions – she plays with the language. /…/ In the same way that Annette Bjergfeldt weaves her beautiful sentences together with all the characters’ misadventures, she also manages to interweave the gruesome story at the neighbours’ with her own very loving family’s everyday. It’s very nicely done. /…/ And am grateful for the great amounts of humor in the text.  I have laughed a lot, reading about these marvelous people so much like the rest of us. /…/ It’s a wonderful imaginative novel that Annette Bjergfeldt has written. With a touch of magic.”

    POV International, Denmark

  • [Bjergfeldt] writes her socks off in her beautiful, old-school debut novel. /…/ Even the most grey-speckled Amager day is granted streaks of color and lusciousness; dullness and boredom are transformed into small buds of effervescent life force, and triviality and monotony blossom into daisies and brightly colored perennials. That’s the way things are for the firstperson narrator in Annette Bjergfeldt’s stunning novel. The middle-aged, childless and timid painter Esther could be confused for a spinster, but beneath Annette Bjergfeldt’s pen strokes she and her family history unfold through flourishing language and plot-saturated blooms, such that one is overwhelmed by form, color and passionate storytelling. /…/ Højsangen fra Palermovej is a charming and lifeaffirming generational tale, and the author [] surely and hopefully is one we will be reading more of. Annette Bjergfeldt’s writing style swells with life force and loud humor.  

    Berlingske, Denmark

  • “[When Life Gives You Hippos] is wondrously great entertainment, and by the time it dawns on you that this entire adventure at its heart is about longing and love over the course of over 100 years, one is so immersed in this universe that it’s simply impossible to leave. Enjoy!”


    Spotlight Søndag, Denmark

  • “If you crave adventure, love and guidance on how to see the brighter side of life, make sure to read the scintillating, imaginative and quite simply fantastic When Life Gives You Hippos.”


    Femina, Denmark

  • “There is a firework of imagination, a juggling with words and sentences and an utterly staggering story, that unfolds across the pages of Annette Bjergfelts debut novel. /…/ It’s undescribably funnily written, and Bjergfeldt’s play on words and sentences is an exquisite pleasure to read – and above that it’s an insanely funny and clever tale. A magnificent novel that sparkles with humor.”


    Søndag, Denmark

  • “[Bjergfeldt] intertwines the history of Europe with a fantastic generational tale. /…/ The narrative rolls, curves and twists, making you hold on to your armchair with one hand and the book with the other.”


    Familie Journal, Denmark

  • “In her debut novel, Annette Bjergfeldt pulls out all the stops and paints a swinging and charming Amagerian generational saga with bold strokes. /…/ There’s a melodious oomph to the text, that with light steps waltzes though all the tragedies, romances and comedy that life throws in the characters’ way. /…/ In style […] Bjergfeldt is reminiscent of Swedish role models such as Jonas Jonasson and Fredrik Backman. /…/ As a loud declaration of love to life in all its colors, When Life Gives You Hippos will make you want to sing its praise from the rooftops.”

    Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

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