Handbok i inredning och styling

Handbok i inredning och styling The Interior Design Handbook

Learn the stylists’ secret tricks!

We know more about interior design today than ever before. Or rather: We know more about knickknacks, furniture and trends than ever before. By contrast, we are less familiar with the basic principles behind interior and styling – what looks good and, most of all, why it looks good. Though we spend more and more on our homes, it’s surprisingly few that are satisfied with their renovations and decorating; the ingredients are all there, but there’s still something missing. How does one go about creating a home that’s functional, balanced and ultimately you?

Home styling guru Frida Ramstedt, the woman behind the blog that has coached an entire Scandinavian generation in the art of creating a harmonious home, thinks it is time that we start thinking about how we ought to decorate, not with what.

In The Interior Design Handbook, Frida Ramstedt provides you with a toolbox of ideas that will rewrite your old notions about interior design and give you the tools you need to create a home you will love. This interior design book contains no glossy photos of styled homes – instead it provides you with pedagogic explanations, in both text and illustrations, of the stylists’ secret tricks, and teaches you basic principles that everyone can enjoy and find useful no matter what their style or taste.


Shortlisted for the ELLE Decoration Award (Design blog of the year ) Sweden 2019
Influencers of Sweden Ebba Award Sweden 2018
Shortlisted for ELLE Decoration Award (Design blog of the year) Sweden 2018
Cision Interior Award (Blog of the year) Sweden 2017
Shortlisted for the ELLE Decoration Award (Design blog of the year) Sweden 2017
ELLE Decoration Awards (Best design blog of the year) Sweden 2016
Beautiful Business Awards (Best newcomer) Sweden 2012
Veckorevyn Blog Award Sweden 2009
Shortlisted for Aftonbladet’s Great Blogger Award Sweden 2009
Aftonbladet’s Great Blogger Award Sweden 2008
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  • “Swedish home design blogger Ramstedt debuts with a savvy and sensible guide to her specialty. /…/ This guide is a first-rate way to ensure decorating success. 

    Publishers Weekly, US

  • The Interior Design Handbook is a detailed manual, advocating meticulous attention to details. /…/ Ramstedt advises us to look away from social media to create the nurturing homes we need this winter.”

    The Sunday Times, UK

  • “Elegant /…/ thoughtful /…/ Frida Ramstedt shares clever tricks for achieving your goals.”

    Sunday Express, UK

  • “If spending more time indoors has sparked interior design aspirations, this is the book for you /…/ beautifully illustrated with handy line drawings /…/ The Interior Design Handbook gets down to the nitty gritty of successfully putting a room together.”

    Fabric Magazine, UK

  • “Useful to everyone, irrespective of their taste in furniture or personal style.”

    Eastern Daily Express, UK

  • “Frida has created this BIBLE to interior design /…/ such useful info that has taken me years to learn, all in one place /…/ it’s been cleverly written for everyone: budding designers, existing designers and people not at all in the interiors world who want to bring their home to life.”

    Studio Fortnum, UK

  • “Useful, hands-on suggestions and solid advice! /…/ Truly worth the read, both for the already interior design-savvy readers and those curious about it. Run and get it now! /…/ [T]his will be a favorite to have on display in our home.”

    Lantliv, Sweden

Photo: Anna Roström Frida Ramstedt
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