Bróðir Brother

A young aspiring author named Hanna visits the picturesque Icelandic town of Borgarnes to find Skorri, the brother of her high school crush Tinna working as a salesman at the local farmer’s market. Suddenly pulled into her past, Hanna draws close to Skorri, as he tells her the story of a dark secret shared by the two siblings. Tinna has now moved to Berlin and disappeared without a trace, carrying the truth with her. Skorri is set out to find his sister in the hopes of keeping his secret in the dark but quickly discovers the truth is about to catch up to him, forcing him to make some choices that will change his life forever.

The story of Tinna and Skorri is about the depth and violence of love, the struggle with destiny beyond our control, about the power of the narrator and how much we are willing to sacrifice for the truth.


Icelandic Audiobook Awards (Best novel of the year) Iceland
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  • Brother, by Icelandic Halldór Armand, is breath-taking. In his fourth novel, the first one translated into French, the Icelandic Halldór Armand vividly illustrates the depravities of fraternal and family ties. /…/ As the reader frantically turns the pages to discover what is happening, the writer dissects how each member of the family struggles with grief, guilt, and the impossible quest for redemption. With a sharp and witty pen, Halldór tears at the Icelandic middle class, mired in the conformity of consumption on credit, convinced that its social world is the best there is – but nevertheless still dissatisfied with it all. /…/ Beneath the plot, a puzzle of nihilistic philosophical questions about the meaning of existence gradually emerges; carried by fascinating dialogues. Certainly, Halldór Armand is one of the new voices to follow in Icelandic literature. ”

    Le Monde, France

  • “Some books seize you with the first sentence and never let go. Brother is one of those books. It’s not only the thrilling plot that keeps you immersed in the story, but also the marvellous style, the philosophical thoughts and the author’s insight. ”

    Stundin, Iceland

  • Brother is an elaborate work of contemporary fiction that deals with the life’s largest questions. ”

    Morgunblaðið newspaper, Iceland

  • “This is majestic fiction /…/ Armand is such a wise author, he has the ability to put thoughts and observations into words in a way that makes you wonder why you haven’t thought of them yourself. ”

    Kiljan, Iceland

  • “Without a doubt Armand’s best work so far. I couldn’t put it down. ”

    Vikan, Iceland

  • “In Brother, Armand offers strong character development, a truly compelling story, and some thrilling excitement in his best novel so far. ”


    Fréttablaðið, Iceland

  • “The Icelandic writer presents a profound philosophical reflection on his own existence. Sensitive, surprising, and brilliant.”

    Femina, France

  • /…/ we love reading the Icelandic author Halldór Armand. His pages are imbued with immense poetry, philosophical and even mystical questions. They speak to us, disturb us, haunt us.Brother is a fictional novel, yet it possesses something so true and poignant that one would believe it to be written as a biography. The paper becomes skin, and the words, voices. We listen to the characters, hear their hearts race when they cry or scream, share in their joy, doubts, loves, and tragedy. [Brother] is unforgettable.”

    Le Figaro, France

Photo: Lamia Karić Halldór Armand Ásgeirsson
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