Hjorth & Rosenfeldt and Kristina Ohlsson No. 1 in Sweden

Week 29’s lists see Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s As You Sow stay put at No. 1 in hardcover, while Kristina Ohlsson’s Storm Watch shoots to No. 1 in the paperback category. As You Sow also climbs the audio and e-book lists, coming in at No. 1 on both.

Hjorth & Rosenfeldt No. 1 in Sweden

The seventh and penultimate installment in Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s Sebastian Bergman series, As You Sow, is No. 1 on the official Swedish list for hardcover novels. The title also grabs the No. 2 spots on the audio and e-book lists.

‘For the Lost’ a German bestseller

Lina Bengtsdotter’s third novel in the Charlie Lager series, For the Lost, celebrates five consecutive weeks on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list in Germany, this week at No. 20.

‘Anxious People’ No. 6 in the US

The paperback edition of Fredrik Backman’s instant No. 1 New York Times Best Seller Anxious People was published in the US last week, and it went straight to No. 6 on the New York Times Best Seller list for paperbacks.

Toni Härkönen

‘Innocence’ opera receives rave reviews

Last week, the opera entitled Innocence, composed by Kaija Saariaho and with the libretto written by Sofi Oksanen, had its world premiere during the 2021 Festival d’Aix-en-Provence. Both the opera in its entirety and the libretto itself have been praised by critics and audiences worldwide.

Already prior to the premiere, The New York Times newspaper called Innocence “the most anticipated new opera of the year,” and it has since been declared as “the landmark opera of our time” by Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily newspaper in the Nordics. “In operas, the composer is often mentioned, the librettist less often. But Kaija Saariaho’s and Sofi Oksanen’s Innocence is the work of two equal masters,” the review continues.

“From the libretto to the staging, everything in this dark and powerful work promises a future in the biggest international theaters,” French financial newspaper Les Echos writes. The newspaper Le Monde calls it “an overwhelming masterpiece” and Spanish El Pais affirms that “it leaves no one unimpressed.”

‘Trust Me’ and ‘A House to Die For’ on the Swedish bestseller lists

Anders Roslund’s Trust Me continues to grab top spots on the official Swedish bestseller lists, coming in at No. 1 in audio and e-books this week. Anders de la Motte & Måns Nilsson’s A House to Die For climbs the same lists, featuring at No. 2 in e-books and No. 3 in audio.

Premiere date set for stage adaptation of ‘Purge’

The Canadian theatre company Theatre; Just Because has adapted Sofi Oksanen’s bestselling novel Purge into a stage play. Purge is a riveting and suspenseful tale of two women dogged by their own shameful pasts. Set in the years following WW2 and in the early 1990s, the play depicts the culmination of a tragic family drama of rivalry, lust, and loss that played out during the worst years of Estonia’s Soviet occupation.

Purge is set to premiere on July 15, with live performances continuing until July 17 and virtual performances until July 25. Click the ‘Read more’ button below to access tickets which are available for the live-audience performances in Alberta, Canada, and for worldwide streaming online.

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‘As You Sow’ published in Sweden

Sebastian Bergman and his colleagues in the national homicide unit are back – and with a vengeance! As You Sow, Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s seventh novel, takes place three years after the events of A Higher Justice.

Three murders have been committed in a span of days and Karlshamn is gripped by terror. Vanja Lithner and her colleagues in the national homicide unit are under pressure to find and stop the sniper before they kill again. But there are no clues, no witnesses, and no clear connections between the victims.

Sebastian Bergman has opted for a more tranquil lifestyle since he became a grandfather; he now works part-time as a psychologist and therapist. Suddenly, his world is turned upside down when an Australian seeks his counsel to process his experiences of the 2004 tsunami, to which Sebastian himself lost a daughter and a wife.

Since the murder in Uppsala three years ago, Billy has never stopped killing. About to become a father, he makes up his mind: He won’t kill again. But circumstances won’t let the past be forgotten. The question is, how far will Billy go to make sure he isn’t discovered?

As You Sow is the seventh and penultimate installment in Hjorth & Rosenfeldt’s internationally bestselling series that has sold 1,6 million copies in Sweden alone, and 5 million the world over.

Anders Roslund No. 1 in Sweden

Anders Roslund’s recently published Trust Me shoots to No. 1 on the official Swedish bestseller list for hardcovers. The novel also comes in at No. 1 in e-books, and No. 2 in audio.

First look: ‘Vinterviken’ trailer release

Vinterviken, directed by Alexis Almström (Top Dog), is Netflix’s new Swedish feature film enterprise for fall 2021. Based on the YA classic by Mats Wahl, the feature is a coproduction between Filmlance, Netflix and Sveriges Television. In addition to premiering on Netflix in the latter half of 2021, the film is set to air on SVT, Sveriges Television, in 2022. A first look trailer has just been made available for fans keen to see how this classic is reinterpreted and revived.

Vinterviken is set in Stockholm, 2021, and centers on the love story between Elisabeth and John-John, two teenagers raised in the same city, yet living light years apart. They are separated by economic, social, and cultural differences until the day they enter the same high school class.

The lead roles of Elisabeth and John-John will be played by Elsa Öhrn and Mustapha Aarab. Dunja Vujovic (Top Dog, Heder) is the screenwriter.