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Tomas Jonsgården

Tomas Jonsgården is an internationally acclaimed commercial director and has made numerous high-end commercials and short films over the years. His body of work is constantly growing and he has worked with the world’s biggest brands and clients including Volvo, Ikea, Mercedes, Dell, Netflix and HBO.

His films take on a beautiful style of cinematic storytelling always with a human story at its core. He has a way of making everyday moments epic by capturing the subtle twitches of humanity that makes us laugh, cry or blush when we recognize ourselves in them. It takes a great director to imitate those gestures for the screen and it is something that has earned him awards at shows like Cannes Lions, British Arrows, Epica, Eurobest and New York Festivals amongst others.

In 2023 Tomas was awarded “Director of the Year” at the ROY Awards and more recently, he embarked on a new chapter with his long-form directorial debut in the Swedish TV drama, The Mafia.


Vancouver Independent Film Festival (Best International Narrative Short) Canada – Kasper & Sophie
One-Reeler Short Film Competition (Award of Excellence) – Kasper & Sophie
4 Awards London Nominee UK – Kasper & Sophie
Indie Short Festival L.A. (Best Director, Best Thriller Short) US – Kasper & Sophie
Bolton Film Festival Nominee UK – Kasper & Sophie
Lille Film Festival (Prix de la Press) France – Want to See Something?
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