Utøya 22. juli

Utøya 22. juli - 2018 U - July 22

On July 22, 2011, a heavily armed right-wing extremist attacked a youth Labour summer camp on Utøya island outside Oslo. The murderous attack claimed the lives of 69 victims. U – July 22 is about that day, the worst day in modern Norway’s history.

We get to follow 19-year-old Kaja in her desperate search for her sister. Filmed in a single take, the story unfolds as seen through the eyes of the victims.

World premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on February 19, 2018. Norway premiere on March 9, 2018.

Screenplay by Anna Bache-Wiig and Siv Rajendram Eliassen. Directed by Erik Poppe.

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  • “Erik Poppe’s Utøya July 22 is a visceral, brutal, yet heartfelt and earnest movie, which imbibes the innocent bewilderment and horror of its young characters.”


    The Guardian, United Kingdom

  • “The film has the power to make our bodies catch up with our hearts — the power to help us safely experience the kind of terror we need to remember in a way that makes it impossible for us to forget.”



  • “This singular masterpiece demonstrates the power cinema can have to articulate the ineffable.”


    The Upcoming, United Kingdom

  • “Nothing short of a masterpiece.”


    NRK, Norway

  • “”


    Dagsavisen, Norway

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  • Drama
  • Thriller
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