Stammisar Locals

Locals follows an ensemble of normal people trying to keep their relationships alive without losing themselves. The film takes place in bars, cafés and restaurants during a summer evening in Stockholm. Someone wants to find out if she’s in a in a relationship or not. Someone is accused of being whipped. Someone has to be stopped by a friend from calling his ex. Someone gets an introduction to how to market yourself on dating apps. Through playful dialogue on rhyming verse, they reveal their shortcomings and weaknesses, their frustration and their unsatisfied desires.


  • “A declaration of love for Södermalm, and one of the few depictions of Stockholm that hits the mark./…/ Måns Nyman succeeds. This is how Söder looks, feels, smells. /…/ Small Shakespearean dramas in a modern take. /…/ A warm, humorous and endearing film. 

    Kult Magasin, Sweden

  • “Sweet, open and direct. /…/ One of the most heartwarming Swedish films I’ve seen in a while. /…/ The script is quite brilliant. /…/ Extra praise to the writers Måns Nyman and Kristoffer Malmsten.”


    Moviezine, Sweden

Photo: Jesper Brandt Kristoffer Malmsten

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