Amina Savage

Amina, a young and talented mixed martial arts fighter, is striving to get back to her passion. With no support from her parents, she struggles to raise her seven-year-old daughter. Against all odds, she gets a shot at the MMA world championships. Now, she is forced to make the toughest choice of her life: whether to be a world-class fighter or the mother she is expected to be.

Written by Mona Masri and directed by Ahmed Abdullahi.


  • “High-class craftsmanship. There is an authenticity to the martial arts environments. /…/ Nimco Ahmed Ali does the title role excellently. /…/ Amina is a stylish and nuanced film, which asks the question: how much do you have the right to sacrifice for your own self-realization?”


    SvD, Sweden

  • “Incredible emotional high points. /…/ Much of what Amina does is questionable, but the strong characterization makes her a complex protagonist, hard not to feel sympathy for. /…/ For being both Abdullahi and Masri’s feature film debuts, it is an impressive project that shows great potential for the duo in the future.”


    Moviezine, Sweden

Mona Masri
  • Drama

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