In the near future, oil reserves are nearly depleted and Europe is connected by series of underground tunnels. While navigating these tunnels, Roger hears voices, one in particular. Seeking a way to rid himself of the voice only leads Roger deeper into a bizarre conspiracy of control – mind and body.

Directed by Tarik Saleh. Written by Tarik Saleh, Fredrik Edin and Stig Larsson.


Annecy International Animated Film Festival Nominee (Best Feature) France 2010
Nordic Council's Film Prize Nominee 2010
Warsaw International Film Festival Nominee (Grand Prix) Poland 2009
Catalonian International Film Festival Nominee (Best Film) 2009
Stockholm Film Festival Nominee (Bronze Horse) Sweden 2009
São Paulo International Film Festival Nominee (Best Feature Film) Brazil 2009
Venice Film Festival (Future Film Festival Digital Award) Italy 2009
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Photo: Morgan Norman Tarik Saleh
  • Drama
  • Mystery

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