Året jag slutade prestera och började onanera

Året jag slutade prestera och började onanera The Year I Started Masturbating

Goal-oriented Hanna wants another child before it is too late, but unexpectedly her boyfriend breaks up with her, and Hanna’s world collapses. Hanna begins to realize that she may be chasing the wrong things in life.


  • “A romcom with both laughs, sunshine and a little flipped finger to everyone who insists on stuffing spirited women into tight boxes.”


    TT, Sweden

  • “A perfectly lovely romantic comedy /…/ The sweetest Swedish romantic comedy in years. /…/ Many unsuspected, cheeky, and funny turns in the intrigue.”


    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • “Erika Wasserman’s energetic, sex-affirming rom-com is a liberatingly unpredictable directorial debut. /…/ Erika Wasserman’s attempt to make a Judd Apatow-esque comedy in Swedish is a clear vitamin injection.”

    DN, Sweden

  • “A feel good film that makes you happy. /…/ The fact that the director Erika Wasserman is a debutante is never noticeable, I would say that this is someone who knows how to make a wonderful and crowd pleasing comedy.

    Moviezine, Sweden

  • “Self assured, liberating, very funny. /…/ Many scenes consist of protracted embarrassments that would make Ruben Östlund himself sweat, while it is always done with a light hand and skillful acting.  The comic timing is spot on.


    Filmtopp, Sweden

  • “Spot on funny scenes.”


    Sydsvenskan, Sweden

Erika Wasserman
  • Comedy
  • Drama

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