Ritas svans

Ritas svans Rita’s Tail

Rita the rat is feeling quite down. She doesn’t feel half as fancy or pretty as the fluffy, stylish Squirrel who gets all the children’s attention as she sits high up in a tree, munching on pinecones. If only Rita had a beautiful and lush tail like hers! Then one day, Rita spots a mink hat lying on Mrs. Von Franz’s hat shelf, and an idea is born…

Rita’s Tail is the story of the little rat Rita and her miniature world in the attic of Mrs. Von Franz. In the Von Franz home, Rita can find sumptuous feasts in the form of left-over gruyere, sleep in mink furs, and – maybe, just maybe – even reclaim her confidence and dare to make a new friend.


  • “A sweet and friendly picture book with a straight-forward and fun plot, detailed and pleasing illustrations, and a well-written and engaging text. Suitable for older pre-school kids.”


    BTJ, Sweden

Sara Heldt & Helena Nordborg Koch
  • Children’s
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Sweden, Bonnier Carlsen

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