Miraklenes tid

Miraklenes tid The Time of Miracles

Parental Magic #2

Having a baby is a miracle. It doesn’t matter how many children you have; the experience is always something special. And as a parent, you never stop wanting to do right by your child. The Time of Miracles is a guidebook for the intimate, sweet and tumultuous first 24 months of a child’s life. How do you create a secure space, lull your child to sleep, let it play, act when the baby just won’t stop crying – and what is really the most important job of a parent during these first two years?

This second book in the Parental Magic series will take you through the first milestones of a child’s life and give you the tools and the knowledge that you need for each one. But first and foremost, The Time of Miracles will give you the security you and your child need to develop a healthy and strong relationship that will last a lifetime.

The Parental Magic series is the modern-day bible for 21st century parents and in this second installment, psychologist and family therapist Hedvig Montgomery gives you seven easy steps to succeed as a parent as well as the answers to common questions about sleep, breastfeeding, kindergarten, language and upbringing.

“I love Hedvig! She guides us with warmth, sense and logic. Suddenly all the pieces fall into place!”
-Jenny Skavlan

“A gem of a book about the time of miracles and a treasure chest for all parents with young children! Hedvig Montgomery helps us to understand our own reaction patterns in relation to how we communicate and see our child.”
-Oda Weider-Krog, Familiepodden

Photo: Janne Rugland Hedvig Montgomery
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