En plats på jorden

En plats på jorden A Place on Earth: About Building a Cabin and Creating a Life

In his new book, A Place on Earth: About Building a Cabin and Creating a Life, we get to follow the journey as Markus builds a cabin for his family far away from civilization. The twelve square meters lack electricity and running water, but offer a warming stove and a breathtaking view of the mountains. With valuable advice, clever shortcuts, and two hours of YouTube instructions, the author demonstrates how anyone can build their own ’hideaway’ where time moves a bit slower.

Additionally, the book is a philosophical journey through the spaces that have meant a lot to the author, his wife, and their three daughters: The basement on the island Öckerö where the grandfather repaired fishing nets and the grandmother prepared baked bread, the hut where Markus lived alone in the woods for four years and the house in Jämtland that Markus and Frida built piece by piece. 

A Place on Earth poses the question: Which places and people are important to you? 

The book is richly illustrated with Frida Torgeby’s photographs from family life, the work with the cabin, and the surrounding Jämtlandsfjällen in the Swedish north.

Photo: Frida Torgeby Markus Torgeby
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