Marcella 2

Marcella 2

Marcella Backland left the Metropolitan Police for the sake of her family, only to have her husband leave her. She returns to her job on the murder squad, investigating a case that seems disturbingly familiar to her.

In season two Marcella is alerted to the discovery of a schoolboy's dead body enclosed in a wall. It soon transpires that this is a boy who was abducted a few years ago and was friends with Marcella's own son.

Created by Hans Rosenfeldt and Nicola Larder. Written by Hans Rosenfeldt.


Shortlisted for LovelyBooks Leserpreis, Shortlisted for the Storytel Awards See full list
British Screenwriters’ Award (Best Crime Writing on Television) UK 2018
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Hans Rosenfeldt
  • Crime
  • Thriller

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