Gustav Bergman
Gustav Bergman
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Lina Wolff

Lina Wolff (b. 1973), lived and worked in Italy and Spain as an interpreter and translator before returning to her home country of Sweden. During her years in Valencia and Madrid, she penned her first work, a short story collection titled Many People Die Like You. Her first full-length novel, Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs, received instant acclaim, winning numerous awards. It was followed by The Polyglot Lovers, which received the premier award for Swedish literature, the August Prize, and the universally lauded Carnality. The Devil’s Grip (2022) is her latest highly anticipated novel.


Shortlisted for Dagens Nyheter's Culture Award (Literary Category) Sweden – Djävulsgreppet The Devil’s Grip 2023
Shortlisted for The August Prize (Best fiction of the year) Sweden – Djävulsgreppet The Devil’s Grip 2022
The Nine Society's Winter Prize Sweden 2021
Shortlisted for the Eyvind Johnson literature prize Sweden – Köttets tid Carnality 2020
The Aniara Prize Sweden 2020
Piraten Award Sweden 2020
Aftonbladet Literature Prize Sweden – Köttets tid Carnality 2019
Shortlisted for Swedish Radio’s Literature Prize Sweden – Köttets tid Carnality 2019
Shortlisted for the Europese Literatuurprijs the Netherlands – De polyglotta älskarna The Polyglot Lovers 2019
Shortlisted for the Prix des Lecteurs France – De polyglotta älskarna The Polyglot Lovers 2018
PEN Translates Award UK – De polyglotta älskarna The Polyglot Lovers 2017
Svenska Dagbladets Literary Prize Sweden – De polyglotta älskarna The Polyglot Lovers 2016
The August Prize Sweden – De polyglotta älskarna The Polyglot Lovers 2016
Shortlisted for Swedish Radio’s Literature Prize Sweden – Bret Easton Ellis och de andra hundarna Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs 2013
VI Magazine Literary Prize Sweden – Bret Easton Ellis och de andra hundarna Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs 2012
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Photo: Morgan Norman, Gustav Bergman

Lina Wolff & Tarik Saleh shortlisted for Dagens Nyheter’s Culture Award

The much-esteemed Dagens Nyheter’s Culture Award features both Lina Wolff, in the literary category, and Tarik Saleh, in the film category, among this year’s nominees.

In the literary category, the jury argues that Lina Wolff’s The Devil’s Grip, without any mercy, drags the reader into the darkness. The temperature is at the heights of hell and the madness is eye-opening. It takes a master like Lina Wolff to turn such damage into an irresistible drama adventure.

Lina herself describes the process of writing The Devil’s Grip being “like writing with a razorblade between your teeth”

In the film category, Tarik Saleh is nominated for his film Boy from Heaven, which saw its world premiere at Cannes film festival this year.

The jury argues that Tarek Saleh takes us on a captivating voyage through the Sunni Muslims holy centre of power in Kairo, an isolated world which also becomes the arena for a deadly showdown between religious and secular forces. Boy From Heaven is a spiritual, riveting and profoundly original thriller drama.

August Prize

‘The Details’ and ‘The Devil’s Grip’ nominated for the August Prize 2022

The Details by Ia Genberg and The Devil’s Grip by Lina Wolff  have been nominated for the prestigious August Prize 2022 for best Swedish fiction book of the year.

The August Prize is an annual Swedish literary prize awarded each year since 1989 by the Swedish Publishers’ Association. The prize is awarded to the best Swedish book of the year.

Lina Wolff No. 1 in Sweden

For the seventh week in a row, Lina Wolff’s The Devil’s Grip comes in at the top of the prestigious critics’ choice list of Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest newspaper.

‘The Devil’s Grip’ No. 5 in Sweden

Lina Wolff’s just published The Devil’s Grip enters the official Swedish bestseller list for hardcover fiction at No. 5 this week.

New Title: ‘The Devil’s Grip’

“At what time does everything derail? A few weeks later, she will try to map the course of events, try to understand at what moment the compass loses its northern position.”

A woman arrives in Florence where everything seems strange and overwhelming to her. The tile roofs, the church towers, all the loving couples. The man she has met. She thinks that she herself comes from a very barren area, has a lot to learn, and that he may be the one who thaws the solid-frozen soil within her. This is the story of the two, of their bodies and minds. About her grip on him, and his increasingly tight grip on her. The devil’s grip.

Gustav Bergman; Annika Marklund Photo: Gustav Bergman, Annika Marklund

Wolff and Marklund on Bok356’s Best of 2021

The critics at Norwegian book publication Bok365 have each chosen their favorite titles of 2021. Lina Wolff’s Carnality and Liza Marklund’s The Polar Circle are two of the selected works on the list.

Critc Leif Gjerstad gives Carnality 6 out of 6 stars and says:

“This burlesque expanding story is a gem! Sudden throws, incredible imagination and captivating storytelling joy about love, power and desire were some of the ingredients that made The Polyglot Lovers such an excellent read. These same elements ensure that Carnality – the title alludes to a reality show with the same name on the dark web – offers a fascinating journey on many levels.”

Gjerstad gives The Polar Circle 5 out 6 stars with the following praise:

“The first volume in a promising trilogy. A macabre discovery brings an old case to life when Liza Marklund turns her eyes to her home village in Norrbotten. With a sensitive pen, it depicts the teenagers’ vulnerable insecurity and search for identity, while Liza Marklund also skillfully manages to balance portrayals of women and depictions of teenagers with the progress of the murder investigation and the gradually and subtly increasing levels of excitement.”