Ingar Johnsrud

Ingar Johnsrud (b. 1974) is a renowned Norwegian journalist. Johnsrud made his literary debut in 2015 with the thriller Those Who Follow, the first installment in a planned trilogy. He has received massive attention for his sharp eye for detail, rich and innovative plotting, and confident prose. Praised by critics as a writer who will keep readers on the edge of their seats, Johnsrud has positioned himself as one of the rising stars on the Scandinavian crime fiction scene. Ingar Johnsrud lives with his wife and three children in Oslo.


Fredrik Beier

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Ingar Johnsrud, Jørn Lier Horst, Jo Nesbø, and Hedvig Montgomery on the Norwegian bestseller lists

All three of Ingar Johnsrud’s novels in the Fredrik Beier trilogy continue to feature on the Norwegian bestseller lists. On the paperback list Those Who Follow is No. 4, and As We Fall is No. 5. The Cross I Bear is No. 1 on the e-book list, where it’s joined by Jo Nesbø’s Macbeth at No. 3. Macbeth also comes in at No. 2 on the hardcover list. The No. 1 spot is still occupied by Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes’ The Search for the Castle’s Secret. Lastly, Hedvig Montgomery’s Parental Magic stays firm at No. 5.

Ingar Johnsrud, Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes, Jo Nesbø, and Hedvig Montgomery on the Norwegian bestseller lists

Ingar Johnsrud dominates the Norwegian bestseller lists as all three books in his trilogy about Fredrik Beier appear on this week’s lists. The Cross I Bear, just published last week, appears on both the hardcover list and the e-book one, where it comes in at No. 2. As We Fall comes in at No. 4 on the paperback list, and is joined by Those Who Follow two spots further down.

The No. 1 spot on the hardcover list is won by none other than Jørn Lier Horst & Hans Jørgen Sandnes and their just published The Search for the Castle’s Secret, the fourth activity book in the Detective Agency No. 2 series. Just after at No. 2 comes Jo Nesbø’s internationally acclaimed Macbeth. Macbeth also claims the No. 3 spot on the ebook list.

Jørn Lier Horst’s international bestseller The Katharina Code features on the paperback list, where it is No. 2. On the nonfiction list, Hedvig Montgomery’s long-running bestseller Parental Magic stays put at No. 5.

‘The Cross I Bear’ published in Norway

One of the government’s most trusted men is found dead in a car wash in Oslo, shot in the groin and left to die. The TV reporter on the hunt for his secrets disappears just days later. But the reporter hadn’t just been looking into the dead man’s past – she’d been searching for information on Superintendent Fredrik Beier’s father.

When the case gradually infiltrates Fredrik’s own life and history, he has to ask himself who he can truly trust. Even his partner Kafa Iqbal seems to be hiding something. And the police has been infiltrated by a mole. As the truths Fredrik’s taken for granted start to crumble, the dark contours of something long hidden finally see the light of day.

The Cross I Bear is the third and final installment in Ingar Johnsrud’s internationally bestselling trilogy about Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal. A masterpiece of tight plotting and unrelenting suspense, it’s a crescendo that will steal your breath away.

‘The Rabbit Hunter’ and ‘The Final Word’ No. 1 in Sweden

Lars Kepler’s sixth novel in the Joona Linna series, The Rabbit Hunter, claims the No. 1 spot on the official Swedish bestseller list for fiction this February, with Leif GW Persson’s Can One Die Twice? following at No. 2. On the paperback list Ingar Johnsrud comes in at No. 3 with Those Who Follow, the first installment in his Fredrik Beier series.

The bestseller list for audiobooks is topped by Liza Marklund’s The Final Word, the eleventh and final novel featuring Annika Bengtzon. No. 2 on the list is Hjorth & Rosenfeldts Those Who Failed, and No. 3 is Jo Nesbø’s Midnight Sun. Lars Kepler’s The Rabbit Hunter makes a second appearance on the February list, on the audio book list’s No. 4 spot.

‘Those Who Follow’ No. 1 in Sweden

Ingar Johnsrud’s Those Who Follow has climbed to No. 1 on the Swedish bookstore Akademibokhandeln’s bestseller lists, featuring at the top of both the paperback and crime fiction lists. Those Who Follow is the first installment in the series featuring Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal.

Lars Kepler, Kristina Ohlsson and Ingar Johnsrud among 2016’s most sold in Finland

The list of 2016’s most sold foreign titles in Finland is in. At the top of the list is Lars Kepler’s stand-alone sci-fi thriller Playground. Playground is closely followed by two of Kristina Ohlsson’s newest titles, Mio’s Blues and Buried Lies, also known as the Martin Benner diptych. Ingar Johnsrud makes his mark on the list with the first installment in his Fredrik Beier series, Those Who Follow.

‘Those Who Follow’ most sold eBook of 2016

Ingar Johnsrud’s internationally acclaimed debut novel Those Who Follow became the most sold backlist title of 2016 on the Norwegian eBook list. Those Who Follow is the first installment in the series following Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal. The second installment in the series, As We Fall, was published in Norway in August.

Bobbie Peers and Ingar Johnsrud both No. 1 in Norway

Bobbie Peers and Ingar Johnsrud both top the Norwegian bestseller list this week. Bobbie Peers’ latest children’s book, William Wenton and the Cryptoportal, is the No. 1 best selling children’s book. The novel is the second installment in Peers’ thrilling William Wenton series, which began with William Wenton and the Luridium Thief.

On the bestseller list for paperback novels Ingar Johnsrud makes his mark by coming in at No. 1 with his debut novel Those Who Follow. Those Who Follow is the first installment in Johnsrud’s critically acclaimed series about Superintendent Fredrik Beier and his colleague Kafa Iqbal.

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Ingar Johnsrud shortlisted for the Norwegian ‘Maurits Hansen Award – Fresh Blood’

Ingar Johnsrud’s debut novel Those Who Follow has been shortlisted for The Maurits Hansen Award – Fresh Blood. The Maurits Hansen Award is each year presented to the best crime fiction debut novel of the previous year. The winning title and author will be announced on October 28th, during the Kongsberg Krim crime fiction festival in Norway.

‘As We Fall’ published in Norway

At a hospital in Oslo, Superintendent Fredrik Beier is slowly regaining consciousness. Painkillers and alcohol, or so the doctor tells him. The recipe of a suicide attempt. But Fredrik himself can’t seem to recall any of it.

A widow has gone missing, and in her home the police find the body of a recently deceased man. The remains are identified as belonging to someone declared dead over twenty years ago. Meanwhile, the sewer rats in eastern Oslo are feasting on a second body. A tragic past connects the two, forged during the days following the fall of the Soviet Union and an operation that ended in catastrophe. Now, a forgotten weapon has been brought back to life, and fallen into the hands of an avenger with nothing left to live for.

Ingar Johnsrud’s As We Fall is a thriller that slips into the deepest crannies of the human soul only to then infiltrate the headquarters of this world’s major powers. As We Fall is the second harrowing installment in the series about Fredrik Beier and Kafa Iqbal.