Jakten på hwitrerna

Jakten på hwitrerna The Hunt for the Hwitters

The Jarmaland Chronicles #2

The battle for Salajak is over, but not the fight against the hwitters. Many of the ancient race have fled their old home in the mountain for the underworld. The warrior Ristin and the hwitter prince Dhor are slowly making their way deep into the abyss called Jarmaland. Chasing them is a myriad of soldiers, knights and fairies led by Niklis and Jöran Eck. Both sides must use all their might and skill in this unknown world where ice winds blow and evil creatures lurk in the shadows…

Venture back in time to an era filled with tales of war and power struggles, when hwitters, wravers and lindwyrms were as real and dangerous as the Black Death. The Hunt for the Hwitters is the second installment in Johan Theorin’s The Jarmaland Chronicles and a breathless continuation of the epic historical fantasy that began in The Battle for Salajak.

Photo: Mickey Thörnblad Johan Theorin
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