Hush Baby

Hush Baby Hush Baby

Vråkören, a small community by the sea, is the perfect place for adventure, but also for terrible secrets. To the community moves it’s founder Olof, along with his wife Henrika and her two children Lukas and Robin. Many years later, Robin, now a child psychologist reluctantly returns to Vråkören, a community very different from what it once was. Now it’s a haven for the rich and entitled. The new upper class villas are architectural wonders with enormous panorama windows and high walls shielding the inhabitants from prying eyes. But beneath the glossy surface tensions boil. Fear pervades the community. Robin is drawn into a web of lies that surrounds the charity her stepfather set up before disappearing abroad. Is the fund-raising for orphanages in Eastern Europe nothing more than a facade? Johanna Holmström has written a Nordic Noir thriller where polished veneers crack and lies are gradually replaced by truth.


  • Hush Baby gives you chilling suspense /…/ Clues and memories from the past are uncovered piece by piece, creating a tension that compels you to continue reading. /…/ In Hush Baby the threads are woven into a successful whole; in my opinion, this is the best novel Holmström has written thus far.”

    Västra Nyland, Finland

  • Hush Baby is as tangled and dark as an untamed fir tree wood and poses complex questions about identity, ethics and offers better refused. Holmström is a storyteller who knows how to add yet another spin to a story.”

    YLE, Finland

  • “In the short-story collection Camera Obscura and the novelAsphalt Angels, Johanna Holmström proved that she's an author to reckon with. Now she's showing us that she's mastered the suspense genre, and expertly so at it. Her Hush Baby is a psychological suspense novel with riveting dark undertones and an impetus that captivates the reader. /…/ Holmström succeeds in preserving the structure of a novel while serving up one twist after another. She's a master at depicting eerie environments and characters who turn out to be entirely different people than they first appear. /…/ In a time when many lightweight works are being produced, Johanna Holmström's Hush Baby is a welcome addition. It's a multilayered and well-told story.”

    Vasabladet, Finland

  • “We're talking the kind of thriller that's top-notch Scandinavian quality. Johanna Holmström isn't one to overindulge in gory details, but instead puts her energy into gradually escalating the suspense to pulse-elevating new heights. /…/ Linguistically the novel offers a gratifying read and Johanna Holmström is similarly spot-on when it comes to dialogue.”

    Östra Nyland, Finland

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