Handbok i klardrömmar

Handbok i klardrömmar Lucid Dreams: A User’s Manual

There is something disturbing lurking in the periphery in Johanna Holmström’s short stories. Silja hides a morbid secret in her freezer, Desiré secretly wishes that she would turn into a jellyfish and Julia arrives at Barnträdgården when the last birds fall from the sky.

The human destinies are skillfully intertwined. Time ticks relentlessly. Finland is on the brink of societal change, climate crises and pandemics in the 21st century – but in the 22nd century, artificial intelligence has almost taken over and built artificial cities to protect humanity. Man’s capacity for goodness is sadly limited – new life forms may cope better.

Johanna Holmström’s Lucid Dreams: A User’s Manual is a collection of short stories about fear, human relationships, evil and the surprising love that leads you to the light.


  • “Johanna Holmström has written a brilliant collection where all of the short stories keep the same high level.”

    Aftonbladet, Sweden

  • Lucid Dreams: A User’s Manual is an awfully good book. /…/ Johanna Holmström’s third collection of short stories proves that she is a master in the field. Each story has its own life, its own storyline, but also gives new life to the following story which takes off where the previous one ended. Or when the subsidiary character becomes the main character in the next story. Holmström joins the ranks of the great horror novelists: E.T.A. Hoffman, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, H.P. Lovecraft and Roald Dahl.”

    Yle, Sweden

Photo: Cata Portin Johanna Holmström
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