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Stefan Thunberg

    Stefan Thunberg (b. 1968) is a celebrated screenwriter with a long and outstanding career in both television and feature films. Stefan's work includes the hit films Hamilton and Jägarna 2 as well as the Swedish drama series Farang, Wallander among many other titles. He is also one half of the Swedish author duo Roslund & Thunberg. Their first book Made in Sweden - which is based on the series of bank robberies that the infamous Military Gang carried out in the 1990's - was published in Sweden in 2014 and immediately became a bestseller. The rights to Made in Sweden are sold to 30 territories.


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    ‘Hunters’ returns as TV-series on C More

    The modern Swedish film classic Hunters is to return in 2018 as an original TV series on C More.

    The series is based on the feature films Hunters from 1996 and Hunters 2 from 2011. Rolf Lassgård is set to play police Erik Bäckström as in the previous films.

    Main writers of the six episodes are Björn Carlström and Stefan Thunberg. Jens Jonson is to direct.

    The series is produced by Harmonica Films and SF Studios and is a co-production between C More/TV4, SF Studios and Filmpool Nord.

    Hunters will premiere on C More in 2018, and will then be broadcasted on Swedish network TV4 as well.

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    Malin Lagerlöf and Stefan Thunberg’s ‘Farang’ premieres on C-More

    The drama thriller Farang premiered yesterday, Thursday March 9th, on broadcasting network C-More. The TV Series, written and created by Malin Lagerlöf and Stefan Thunberg, tells the story of Rickard, a man who was forced to flee Sweden after a bank robbery gone wrong. His decision not only means a great change to his own life, he’s also forced to leave his family behind, irreversibly changing the course of their lives as well. Ten years later Rickard is in Thailand, where he gets by as a petty criminal on the back streets of Phuket, all the while keeping his identity hidden because of the price on his head. When Rickard’s daughter Tyra, now 15 years old, suddenly shows up in front of him, Rickard has to make yet another difficult decision: should he reveal who he really is and risk his life, or try his best to cut all contact with his daughter?

    Farang is available for streaming on C-More. Click the “Read more” link below to see the first two episodes.

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    New trailer for Malin Lagerlöf’s and Stefan Thunberg’s ‘Farang’

    A “Farang” comes to Thailand for two reasons. To sunbathe - or to hide. A new trailer has been released for Malin Lagerlöf’s and Stefan Thunberg’s upcoming original series Farang, starring Ola Rapace. The series is set to premiere March 9th on C More.

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    ‘Farang’ premiere on C-More

    A “Farang” comes to Thailand for two reasons. To sunbathe - or to hide. Malin Lagerlöf's and Stefan Thunberg's new original series Farang starring Ola Rapace is set to premiere March 9 on C More.

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