Roslund & Thunberg

Anders Roslund is one half of the award-winning and bestselling writer duo, Roslund & Hellström. For many years he worked as the Editor-in-Chief at Rapport and Aktuellt, the two major news programs on Swedish Television. Stefan Thunberg is a celebrated screenwriter whose work includes the hit films Hamilton and Jägarna 2. He is also the fourth brother who did not participate in the series of bank robberies that the Military Gang carried out in the 1990’s and on which Made in Sweden is based.


Made in Sweden

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Roslund & Thunberg No. 3 in Sweden

Roslund & Thunberg’s The Sons, the stand-alone sequel to the award-winning and internationally acclaimed The Father, is No. 3 on the Swedish official bestseller list for hardcover fiction this month.

‘The Sons’ published in Sweden

The Sons, the stand-alone sequel to the award-winning and internationally acclaimed The Father, has been published in Sweden.

Leo is wiping up the blood in the hallway. He’s fourteen and cleaning up after his dad for the last time. They’re on their own now. He will be taking care of his younger brothers while their father is in jail and mother in the hospital. And he knows how to do it. He’ll put on a disguise and do his first heist.

Years later, the gates to the prison open and Leo is free once more. He’s paid his dues for the series of brutal bank robberies he carried out in the past. Now he has one goal: to commit the perfect crime and reclaim that which doesn’t exist – the money that society forgot.

This time he won’t involve his brothers, won’t leave any traces leading back to him. But then it happens: the mistake that opens a window for Detective John Broncks and changes the rules of the game permanently. If you pull my brother into it, I’ll take you and yours to hell.

Roslund & Thunberg winners of the 2017 Konomys Award

Roslund & Thunberg’s The Father is the winner of 2017’s Konomys Award in Japan. The Konomys Award - the shortened version of the full name Kono Mystery ga Sugoi (“This Mystery is Amazing”) - is an annual award given to the most popular international and national suspense novel of the year. Roslund & Thunberg’s The Father takes home 2017’s award in the international category.

‘The Father’ chosen as one of 2016’s Best Books by Publishers Weekly

Roslund & Thunberg’s The Father has been chosen by Publishers Weekly as one of their Best Books 2016 titles. The novel, “the stunning first of a two-novel series,” is listed as one of the best reads of the year in the Mystery/Thriller category.

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Leif GW Persson, Roslund & Thunberg and Johan Theorin nominated for the CWA International Dagger

Leif GW Persson, Roslund & Thunberg and Johan Theorin have all been nominated for the CWA International Dagger 2016. The novels nominated for the prestigious award are The Sword of Justice by Leif GW Persson, The Father by Roslund & Thunberg (written under the pen name Anton Svensson), and The Voices Beyond by Johan Theorin.

‘Made in Sweden’ podcast released

Listen to the story of how three brothers grew up to become Sweden’s most wanted criminals, as told by fourth brother Stefan Thunberg and crime journalist-turned-author Anders Roslund. Available for download in iTunes, the six-episode audio series reveals the real-life story that inspired the author duo’s bestselling novel, Made in Sweden.

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