by Hannes Råstam

Thomas Quick has been convicted of eight murders and confessed to an additional twenty-five. He is generally considered the most ruthless murderer, rapist and cannibal in Scandinavian history.

In the spring of 2008 the investigative journalist Hannes Råstam traveled to Säter, the mental institution where Thomas Quick is serving a life sentence, to meet Sweden's most abominable serial killer in person. It was a meeting that would have far-reaching consequences for both of them.

After that first, apprehensive meeting, Råstam proceeded to inspect all the documents from the murder investigations, scrutinize each and every interrogation, and examine Thomas Quick’s own accounts. He read and reread the verdicts and repeatedly watched the police reenactments. He managed to get access to heaps of material that was previously unaccounted for: medical journals from Säter, personal logs of police officers, and unseen police reports. Soon, a haunting uncertainty started to grow within Råstam, and by patiently laying a complex puzzle, he reconstructed the story of how Scandinavia’s worst serial killer was created. The answer to the mystery of Thomas Quick turned out to be more terrifying than the man himself.

Thomas Quick – The Making of a Serial Killer is a real-life thriller about a bizarre personal destiny and a tragic legal case. Step by step, it is revealed how Thomas Quick was transformed into a serial killer and how six unanimous trial courts convicted him of eight murders he didn’t commit. The true perpetrators will never be caught, much less tried in court. Hannes Råstam's debut as an author is so convincing that it is sure to lead to radical upheavals within the Swedish judiciary.

Thomas Quick – The Making of a Serial Killer won the 2012 Per Wendel Prize, awarded by daily newspaper Expressen for outstanding achievements in investigative journalism; the 2012 Golden Spade for Book of the Year in the field of investigative journalism; and the 2012 Carnegie Institute Journalism Award.

Thomas Quick – The Making of a Serial Killer
was a No. 1 National Bestseller in Sweden, and was the best selling book – across all genres and categories – in August 2012.

"It's appalling, it's true, and it's utterly phenomenal reading."
––Leif GW Persson 

"The case of convicted serial killer Thomas Quick is an absolutely amazing story, which if it weren't true, you would not believe. In his gripping account, Hannes Rastam reveals the most extraordinary series of failures and credulity on the part of the so-called criminal justice experts. Piece by piece, Rastam strips away the evidence against Quick until there is nothing left but the awful question of how he was ever convicted of murder, not just once but eight times."
––Alex McBride, author of Defending the Guilty


"Among the top 10 thrillers of the summer /.../ The Making of a Serial Killer is not a novel; it's a true story, astonishing in many respects. /.../ This frantic investigation of the mysteries behind justice and the madness of a man searching for his true self keeps the reader in suspense throughout. From the youth of this real fake criminal to the vagaries of the procedure or the most unexpected discoveries by the sleuth; The Making of a Serial Killer demonstrates that, sometimes, the best thrillers are not fictional..."
L'Express (France)

"Journalist Hannes Råstam unveils the myth surrounding Thomas Quick, once thought to be the worst serial killer in the history of Sweden. Beware the serial liar. /.../ Aberrant and meticulous, The Making of a Serial Killer offers a sharp reflection on the gears of justice and psychotherapy. Spine-chilling."
Les Inrockuptibles (France)

"A peerless work of journalism... It is the most extraordinary story."
Sunday Times (UK)

"The reportage that has shocked the country of Noir... This is not just another Swedish crime novel. This is a true and shocking story with an unpredictable end."
La Repubblica (Italy)

"In a meticulous and convincing examination of the entire course of events, Hannes Råstam reveals - in best journalistic style - the many atrocities that were committed in the investigation... An important and indispensable work, for journalists and everyone else."
Berlingske (Denmark)

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