Jens Lapidus (b. 1974) is the author of three of the best selling Swedish novels this past decade: Easy Money, Never Fuck Up and Life Deluxe. His own professional experience as a criminal defense lawyer, at a firm representing some of the most notorious criminals in the country, has given him unusual insights into a world that most people would rather not acknowledge. Critics have tagged him "a Swedish James Ellroy", a truth-telling author who writes about life on the streets and depicts the underbelly of Swedish society. The Stockholm Noir trilogy has already become a phenomenon in Sweden and abroad.

"At last: an epic European thriller to rival the Stieg Larsson books. It's an entirely new criminal world, beautifully rendered – and a wildly thrilling novel."
–– James Ellroy 

"Jens Lapidus, with his dazzling book, Easy Money, is the new Swedish thriller writer everyone's been waiting for." 
–– Reggie Nadelson

"Jens Lapidus is a very talented crime author. He is also a young author. He is only going to get better – and he has every potential of becoming the best"
–– Leif GW Persson

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by Jens Lapidus
Najdan, sometimes called Teddy, is out of prison after eight years behind bars. His mind is made up; he is through with the criminal lifestyle. But he is completely broke, the employment services office is a joke, and he...

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by Jens Lapidus
We know Jens Lapidus as an author with the ambition to depict general tendencies and motely groups in the Stockholm underworld. In his new collection we are given another side of the story. Here, the author lingers at in...

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by Jens Lapidus
The legacy is passed on. From father to daughter. From sister to brother. The attitude, the honor, the power. Dirty money – no matter where it comes from – will be clean cash after it has been laundered ...

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by Jens Lapidus & 
Following the success of Easy Money - Stockholm Noir I and Never Fuck Up - Stockholm Noir II, European crime fiction's young superstar Jens Lapidus takes his authorship in a new, exciting direction. Gang War 145 is a spe...

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by Jens Lapidus
The first-novelist-turned-phenomenon Jens Lapidus is back with the second part of his Stockholm Noir Trilogy. And this time, we’re talking real noir. Here, the coke dealers and root men of Easy Money have been acco...

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by Jens Lapidus
Jorge is the drug-dealing latino who refuses to stay behind bars – he wants out in order to gun down those who snitched on him. Mrado is the pill-popping Yugoslavian hit man who breaks people's thumbs with one hand...

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Jens Lapidus

VIP-rummet / The VIP Room
2014, Crime

Mamma försökte / Mother Tried
2012, Crime

Livet deluxe / Life Deluxe
2011, Crime

Gängkrig 145 – Stockholm Noir / Gang War 145 – Stockholm Noir
2009, Graphic novel

Aldrig fucka upp / Never Fuck Up
2008, Crime

Snabba cash / Easy Money
2006, Crime

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