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Michael Katz Krefeld

Michael Katz Krefeld (b. 1966) is one of Denmark’s most popular and award-winning crime fiction writers to date. Krefeld began his career in writing as a scriptwriter, penning such acclaimed short films and TV series as Nikolaj & Julie, Hotellet and Nynne before he made his literary debut in 2007. His novels have since won some of the most prestigious literary awards there are in Scandinavia, in addition to the hearts of the Danish and international reading public. In 2013, Krefeld began the Ravn series, his most ambitious project to date. Krefeld’s Ravn novels have been translated into 18 languages.



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‘The Pact’ published in Denmark

In The Pact, Ravn puts it all on the line in order to find out who killed his girlfriend Eva in their home five years ago. New clues lead Ravn to an aging killer-for-hire and a group of corrupt police officers with ties to a terrifyingly influential person in the highest echelon of society. But it isn’t till Ravn forms a pact with the gangster kingpin Kaminsky that he gets the crucial knowledge and connections that will allow him to bring Eva’s killer to justice. But everything has a price. And in this case, the price is 71 million missing Danish kroner.

The Pact is the fifth installment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s bestselling Ravn series, and the novel wherein the mystery of Ravn’s girlfriend’s murder is solved.

Jo Nesbø, Lars Kepler, Michael Katz Krefeld and Stefan Ahnhem on Krimimessen Horsens’ “Readers' Top 7”

The immensely popular “Crime Book Festival, Denmark” - also known as Krimimessen in Horsens - has announced a “Readers’ Top 7” list, wherein they have gathered the seven most beloved crime fiction novels of all time according to their voters. The No. 1 spot on the list goes to The Snowman by Jo Nesbø, the seventh installment in the Harry Hole series. It is followed by The Rabbit Hunter by Lars Kepler at No. 3, the entire Ravn series by Michael Katz Krefeld at No. 5, and Victim Without a Face by Stefan Ahnhem at No. 6.

Michael Katz Krefeld shortlisted for the People’s Choice Award

Michael Katz Krefeld has been shortlisted for the Danish Crime Book Festival’s (Krimimessen) People’s Choice Award 2017. To see the full list of nominees, and to cast your vote (possible between March 11th and March 26th), click “Read more” below. The winner will be announced at the festival on April 2nd.

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‘The Deep’ published in Denmark

Private Investigator Ravn is given his most horrific case to date when a client asks him to find an old friend from school. The two haven’t been in touch for over twenty years, but Ravn’s new client suspects his friend of being the perpetrator behind the series of animalistic attacks on women that’s been shaking Copenhagen. The attacks are all too reminiscent of the crime the client and his friend committed against a little girl back in 1993, a crime that ended in death.

Since their release from juvenile detention, the two men have joined the police’s witness protection program – without it, they would have been persecuted and hunted down by society and the girl’s family. But their new secret identities also make them impossible to find. When yet another woman is attacked and this time killed, Ravn begins the hunt for the killer. A murderer who could be anybody, and strike at any time. It isn’t long till Ravn is forced to question whether he really knows his client’s true identity – and motive.

The Deep is the fourth installment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s bestselling series about former Detective Ravn. A novel that touches on our most visceral fears as it depicts the breakneck manhunt for a killer, The Deep is Michael Katz Krefeld’s most harrowing novel yet.

Michael Katz Krefeld winner of the Martha Award

Michael Katz Krefeld is the official winner of the Martha Award 2016. The Martha Award is the largest Danish bookseller Bog & idé’s annual prize in which the reading public are able to participate by voting for their favorite author. Earlier recipients of the award include J.K. Rowling and Jussi Adler-Olsen.

Michael Katz Krefeld shortlisted for the Martha Award

Michael Katz Krefeld has been shortlisted for the Martha Award 2016 in Denmark. The award, which was first handed out in 1989, is the largest Danish bookseller Bog & idé’s annual prize. After Bog & idé’s shortlist is announced, the reading public can vote for their favorite among the nominated authors. To cast your vote, click “Read more” below.

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‘The Cult’ No. 1 in Denmark

Michael Katz Krefeld’s The Cult is the No. 1 best selling book in Denmark. The third installment in Krefeld’s series about former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt, The Cult is a chilling tale of a closed-off world with its own set of rules.

‘The Cult’ published in Denmark

Former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt is trying to move on with his life after the murder of his girlfriend. He is approached by director Ferdinand Mesmer, a prominent businessman, with what appears to be a simple job: find Mesmer’s son Jakob. Ten years ago, Jakob founded the cult God’s Chosen and disappeared. Now, his father wants to track him down.

The Cult is a chilling tale of a closed-off world with its own set of rules, and the secret past that now threatens its existence. It is the third instalment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s immensely popular series about former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt.