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Hannes Råstam

Hannes Råstam (1955–2012) was an investigative reporter at SVT (Swedish Public Broadcasting) and produced several of the most important documentaries to examine the Swedish justice system and police authorities over the past fifteen years. Råstam was a six-time recipient of the Golden Spade (awarded by the Association of Investigative Journalists) and won the Great Journalist Award twice (1996 and 2008). Råstam also won several international broadcasting awards, among them the Prix Italia in Italy (2001), the Golden Nymph in Monte Carlo (2006) and FIPA d’Or in France (2006). After a struggle with cancer, Råstam passed away while finishing his first book; an account of the largest judicial scandal in Scandianvian history. In 2013, Råstam was posthumously elected ‘Sweden’s Best Investigative Journalist in 25 Years’ by trade publication Scoop.