Pagten The Pact

Ravn #5

In The Pact, Ravn puts it all on the line in order to find out who killed his girlfriend Eva in their home five years ago. New clues lead Ravn to an aging killer-for-hire and a group of corrupt police officers with ties to a terrifyingly influential person in the highest echelon of society. But it isn’t till Ravn forms a pact with the gangster kingpin Kaminsky that he gets the crucial knowledge and connections that will allow him to bring Eva’s killer to justice. But everything has a price. And in this case, the price is 71 million missing Danish kroner.

The Pact is the fifth installment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s bestselling Ravn series, and the novel wherein the mystery of Ravn’s girlfriend’s murder is solved.


  • The Pact is the best novel yet in the series about the noir hero Ravn.”


    Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

  • “The fifth novel in the Ravn series is a joy for crime fiction lovers, an intense and pervasive reading experience with great entertainment value. /…/ Bogfriisen surrenders to King Krefeld and bows in the dust. ”


    Bogfriisen, Denmark

  • “Michael Katz Krefeld has with The Pact written another hell of a novel. It’s simply crazy exciting from start to finish. /…/ The Pact is devilishly good!”


    Krimifan, Denmark

  • “A devilishly and gruesomely good crime novel that forges ahead at a crazy pace, giving even Usain Bolt something to contend with all the way to the finish line. /…/ The Pact is a wicked crime novel, full of momentum and damn entertaining.”

    Vildmedkrimi, Denmark

  • “Thrilling and unpredictable, and where some crime novels are heavy and gloomy, The Pact is written with an ease and humor that makes the story a “delightful” and entertaining read. ”

    Boginspiration, Denmark

  • “Yet another solid proof of the author’s talent for writing crime novels going full speed ahead in terms of story and suspense.”

    Litteratursiden, Denmark

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