Modiga Morris: en vecka upp och ner

Modiga Morris: en vecka upp och ner Brave Morris: A Week Upside Down

A psychological first aid book for children from the No. 1 internationally bestselling author of The Rabbit Who Wants To fall Asleep, Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin.

Morris is a boy like any other. He likes climbing trees, bicycling, and playing with friends. His family has just moved to a new town and the first week after the move, Morris experiences many new emotions he’s never felt before – the week is turned completely upside down! Luckily, Morris has people around him who can help him process the new feelings. Morris learns how to think in order to deal with emotions like longing, pain and fear.

Brave Morris: A Week Upside Down is no ordinary book. Inspired by behavioral psychology and communication techniques, Brave Morris: A Week Upside Down is a story that will give your child the tools they need to easier handle upsetting everyday situations. Brave Morris not only provides an example for the child, but teaches the adult how to best communicate with and guide a child who is upset to a calmer and happier state, even in difficult situations.

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